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The genesis of Still Time dates back to 2002-2005 when these young men you see above met in the town of San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California.  They met by happenstance and grew the band organically with the support of their local following.  Over the following several years they recorded two main studio albums, 'Stream of Consciousness' and 'See America'.  They also recorded an LP of early tunes that were written primarily in a double-wide trailer adjacent to the 101 freeway, and an EP of their last works written and recorded in a back house on the other side of the 101 freeway.  

After a 4-month long nation-wide tour promoting 'See America' in 2010, and a period of self reflection, the members of Still Time had to make a decision on the fate of the band.  John, Paul, and Ryan now reside in the North San Francisco Bay Area, while Dan, Nick, and Haircut are on California's Central Coast.  The long-haired harmonica player 'T-Bone Steak' is roaming around somewhere in Colorado last we checked.  Still Time still plays live concerts from time to time, so please check this website for shows.

Although Still Time is on the back burner, the music plays on.

Dan Curcio has a group Moonshiner Collective and plays solo as well.

Paul Smith Stewart and Ryan Mosse play in the Paul Smith Stewart Quintet.

Still Time

Dan Curcio - Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Banjo

Haircut - Guitar, Mandolin

Nick Bilich - Guitar, Banjo, Backing Vocals

John Vucinich - Drums, Percussion

Paul Smith Stewart - Electric Bass, Upright Bass

T-Bone Steak - Harmonica, Guitar

Ryan Mosse - Saxophone, Backing Vocals, Flute

About Still Time

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